Friday, February 7, 2014

Theo Normal

Theo had another good MRI yesterday! His doctor said it looks "stone cold normal...well, stone cold Theo normal". That once-concerning spot remains where it is, unchanged, and no longer concerning. 

I felt oddly relaxed during the waiting game yesterday. Then I got nervous because I wasn't nervous...ah, the crazy. I often say I don't want to get too comfortable with the idea that Theo is, and will continue to be, healthy...because I'm scared that it could change. But I also feel confident about his future and I no longer feel nervous about planning ahead.

Theo reminds me all the time how amazing he is. I feel like he's doing new, exciting things all the time, and he is so, so fun to be around. It's difficult not to get caught up in the day to day, but I make an effort to always keep in mind that he, Addie and Eli are incredible gifts.

On another note, we are looking forward to participating in the Race for Hope-DC for the second time on May 4th! If you'd like to celebrate with us by joining our team or making a donation, please visit our team page by clicking here.

Much love,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wake Up

Theo and the family have been quiet busy lately. A new brother. Continued health. Little trips. Snow. School. And more.

It seems like every time we go to post, we find ourselves snoozing. After a little trip to Florida, Theo and Addie (and Grumpy Bear) had a nice long nap.

All is well with our buddy. I'm sure Mom and Dad will have an better update soon.

Sorry for our lack of posts, but know we appreciate all the continued support.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fortunate Family

When Theo was first hospitalized, a group of longtime family friends collected books to send to Theo in the hospital. Each book had a special message written to Theo and he’s been enjoying them ever since. Today before naptime, Theo chose to read a set of books in which the message is a poem written by someone who can absolutely relate to Theo’s fight (she has been graceful and strong in her fight, too, and she’s doing wonderfully). I feel like today, Thanksgiving, is a good day to share this with you, too:

Dear Theo,
Your beautiful eyes, so big and bright
Light up a room, in day or night.
Your smile is contagious, even without a sound
Showing how much you feel love from all around.
For you are loved by so many more than you know
From the top of your head to your perfect little toes.
You’ve touched hearts and made a difference here
Through all the smiles, tears, hopes and fears.
I pray and know that God holds your hand
As you hold our hearts, you precious little man.

We continue to be amazed by our little man. He is cute, sweet, smart, funny, strong and fiercely determined. He’s my best big boy and I’m thankful for him, his sister and brother, and Dada every second of every day. My husband and our beautiful children bring more joy to my life than I could ever explain. I hope you feel that joy in your life, too.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Farm Walk

Theo braved the farm across the street for some family portraits, and then he then chased us all back to the house. Now only if you could have seen how fast him and Addie destroyed their clothes in the dirt :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Eli

 Theo was so happy to welcome his new baby brother into the world yesterday! Eli Augustus (8lb 8oz, 20 in) was born at 10:21pm on 10/22/13.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Today, Theo had another stable MRI! This boy sure knows how to put a smile on others faces, including his own!